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Those who love us

These are some of the lovely comments received on our Facebook page and emailed to us from customers all over the UK

"This is the taste of dairy free ice cream that I have been waiting for, absolutely scrummy"

"Very excited to find Bessant & Drury ice cream in my Waitrose! My daughter danced about and made me buy the chocolate and lemon flavours"

"Managed to get my mits on some of your chocolate ice cream yesterday and it is a delight...perfect in a hot chocolate"

"Truely the best lemon icecream I have ever tasted !"

"Bought your chocolate dairy-free ice cream this week. Marvellous. Thank you!"

"Best non dairy ice cream I have ever tasted in 25 years of being dairy free. So much so that I now stock the whole range and it's flying out of the freezer. Well done Bessant & Drury, here's to your continued success"

"A huge thank you for your fantastic product-meant my 2 year old daughter could taste ice cream for the first time yesterday!!! You made our day"

Big thumbs up from my 15 month old! Thanks for being the only ones to realise not everyone who can't have dairy can have soya! So nice to be able to give him a treat once on a while"

"Every flavour is absolutely delicious, but if I had to pick one I think it would be strawberry. I'd even go as far as saying it's the best strawberry ice-cream that I've ever had! Big shout!"

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