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Our Story

Take an idea. Borrow a friend's domestic ice-cream maker. Mix in patience, knowledge and a sense that you were onto something special and you have the story of how Steve Bessant created the formula that is behind the Bessant & Drury product range.

Steve is one of Britain's leading health and fitness experts who regularly advises clients who have food intolerances. With dairy off the menu Steve advises on healthy foods of which coconut milk plays a major part. Steve's experiments with recipes and ingredients to suit people both with and without dairy intolerances led to an ultimate vision to create a healthy, tasty ice cream. The result is an entirely new product in the UK which uses coconut milk, a super-food, as a key ingredient.

Steve joined with friend Ian Drury in bringing the vision to market in 2011. Ian Drury has 40 years of business experience, travelling the world in search of fine foods & wines. With an uncompromising attitude to quality, Ian's no nonsense approach and business experience has driven him to accept nothing short of the best.

Together they formed Bessant & Drury creating the ultimate, luxury frozen lick in four flavours.

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